2 thoughts on “Ancient Forest 24X24 ac

  1. Bill Lovell

    Hi Lorna, Hope your well? Found your site on Pinterest and had to have a look around.
    I found your work very refreshing, colourful very graphic and very imaginative.
    A bit like a poster but worth every brush stroke reflecting the image. I wish I could see one of your paintings just to see how sharp your lines are and to keep the flate colour
    I’ve just enlarged an image and you brush strokes resemble something like I used years ago Gouache when I was a Graphic Designer.
    But now we have Acrylic which is marvelous because it dries quickly, retains the colour and can be as fluid as you like.
    Thank you for another insight into artists creativeness.
    I’m Bill and try to paint as a hobby, l live in Poole, England again thank you for your inspirational work.

  2. lorna Post author

    Hi Bill,
    I guess it’s been a long time since I updated my website, as I just read your comment. All is well with our family in Calgary, hope it’s the same for you also. Am adding new images today. Have a look. Yes I like to use colour blocking and prefer flat shapes to forms. It’s fun painting with acrylics. We live an hour east of the Rocky mountains in Canada.

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