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Rotary Club and Dragon Boat art auction

            The Rotary Club of Calgary Region is excited to partner with Sistership Dragon Boat Association for their 19th annual Art For The Heart Auction and Dinner fundraiser. The auction will be held on Friday May 12th. These are the two 9×12 framed oils I have submitted to the auction.

Longtime friend Maureen-65 years!

I have known my friend, Maureen, since we first met in grade one. We were both 5 years old, with her birthday in February and mine in December. She lives in Riverview New Brunswick now, and I live Calgary,Alberta. When her husband commissioned me to do this 60×30 painting for her I was excited and happy to create it for her. Using the iartview APP, he sent me an image of their blank wall. I could see the surrounding colours and was able to determine the optimal painting size as well. We tried a variety of subjects on the wall, using the APP. She had decided on the waterfall and I was glad she did, as it is a favorite subject. I used a reference I had taken while at the falls in Jasper, many years ago, When it was completed, I hung the image on the virtual wall, using  the APP, and emailed it. So pleased to hear how much they loved it.

Two new pieces for The Avenue Gallery

New paintings, a 15×30 and a 22×30, both acrylics on wraps. A painting done  on a gallery wrap, can be hung without a frame. It has a nice contemporary look and is a good option if you don’t wish to purchase a frame. The paintings I’ve shipped to The Avenue Gallery are all done on wraps which is why the pricing is less than at Stephen Lowe Art Gallery in Calgary whose listed prices include the frame.

new work at Stephen Lowe Art Gallery

Experimenting with textures in these two new acrylics. They’re done on wraps so don’t need to be framed. Please inquire at Stephen Lowe gallery regarding the unframed prices. Or see The Avenue gallery for unframed prices of the same sizes, 40×30 and 24×24.

Avenue Gallery Victoria BC

Am excited and feel honoured to be represented by Avenue gallery in Victoria, British Columbia. My husband Lewis and I visit the island every¬† year, to visit family and friends. We have done lots of exploring while there, and I have a vast array of references which I will be able to use in my new creations. It’s fun discovering the magic in new locations.Qualicum Falls

Updated website

This is a painting of the Glenmore reservoir shoreline, in early spring, This piece will be kept for the 75th anniversary exhibition for the Federation of Canadian Artists. The FCA signature members have all been invited to participate in the largest exhibition of Western Canadian art, in Vancouver BC, this fall.Spring Shoreline 36x18