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Spattering a ground

grove2Created a ground, in acrylics and matte medium using brushes, sponges and a roller. Spattered most of the foreground and middle ground. So much fun! Then ran paint vertically down the canvas to create the tree trunks. After adding a few glazes of blue and quinacridone gold, and letting these dry, I added the details, using a small brush. Painting from memory is an exciting way to work.grove3grove6


New Year new subjects

Needed a change from painting landscapes, as I felt like I was beginning to repeat myself. Changing canvas sizes helped for awhile as did a change of colours, and contrasts. Sometimes a change in subject helps with boredom, at other times, a change in mediums. Have done five new florals using a colored gesso as a primer. This one is done on gold gesso. I liked the effects it created in the patterned areas. White Tulips 24x24 ac

That Nouveau Feeling

Garden VarietyI enjoy the vertical format of many of the paintings created in the Art Nouveau era. This 60X24 acrylic was created from a sketch done in our garden. I liked creating the large flat shapes, then adding the whimsical flowers and linear accents.

Celebrate the Season

Sunflowers RedHave been adding the luster of metallic to these new acrylics. And am concentrating on integrating the textures of the background with the subject. Landscapes have always been a favorite inspiration. This fall, I was inspired by the sunflowers, growing in the garden at the historical Fort Calgary location.