Snow Patches 48×48

Snow Patches 48x48This is a favorite subject, love adding roads that lead the eye upwards in the composition.

Have painted something smaller, similar to this one, in oils, using a different palette.The larger size, 48×48, as well as a different choice of colors gives this painting a more contemporary look.

Shades of Grey

Days End Ya Ha Tinda 24x48Have always loved using neutrals in a composition. For the most part, these have been browns Days end artand shades of brown. Have been experimenting with mixing shades of warms and cool greys, using complements. It was something I always enjoyed doing when working with watercolors.

Day’s End Ya Ha Tinda ranch Alberta

Spring Show at Stephen Lowe

This photo was taken at the gallery, in front of some of my pieces, after our amazing Chinese dinner. The gallery owners, Anna and Alan treated ourselves and all of the gallery staff to a wonderful evening after the opening. We shared many stories and much laughter! spring show1I met David Langevin many years ago at a Paintings by Numbers event in Vancouver. We also participated in several exhibitions at the Alicat gallery. Cameron and I participated in a show together, at Stephen Lowe”s downtown location last June. And we had all done demos together at the Bow Valley Club, as well as at this show. Lots of people were in attendance this year, and I was excited to see family, friends and clients there. Many thanks to everyone for helping to make this a successful event. The show will run until April 30th.

iArtview APP

design yellow2All of the images in the Ambient Surroundings page were created using the iArtview APP. I ran an IOS upgrade before installing it to my ipad mini. It’s so much fun viewing my artwork in different settings. A client could select an image from the gallery site, or the artists’s site, upload a photo of their own wall and preview the artwork in their space, before making the purchase. Different types of framing choices are also available within the APP, love it!