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Spattering a ground

grove2Created a ground, in acrylics and matte medium using brushes, sponges and a roller. Spattered most of the foreground and middle ground. So much fun! Then ran paint vertically down the canvas to create the tree trunks. After adding a few glazes of blue and quinacridone gold, and letting these dry, I added the details, using a small brush. Painting from memory is an exciting way to work.grove3grove6


New Year new subjects

Needed a change from painting landscapes, as I felt like I was beginning to repeat myself. Changing canvas sizes helped for awhile as did a change of colours, and contrasts. Sometimes a change in subject helps with boredom, at other times, a change in mediums. Have done five new florals using a colored gesso as a primer. This one is done on gold gesso. I liked the effects it created in the patterned areas. White Tulips 24x24 ac

Snow Patches 48×48

Snow Patches 48x48This is a favorite subject, love adding roads that lead the eye upwards in the composition.

Have painted something smaller, similar to this one, in oils, using a different palette.The larger size, 48×48, as well as a different choice of colors gives this painting a more contemporary look.

Shades of Grey

Days End Ya Ha Tinda 24x48Have always loved using neutrals in a composition. For the most part, these have been browns Days end artand shades of brown. Have been experimenting with mixing shades of warms and cool greys, using complements. It was something I always enjoyed doing when working with watercolors.

Day’s End Ya Ha Tinda ranch Alberta