Longtime friend Maureen-65 years!

I have known my friend, Maureen, since we first met in grade one. We were both 5 years old, with her birthday in February and mine in December. She lives in Riverview New Brunswick now, and I live Calgary,Alberta. When her husband commissioned me to do this 60×30 painting for her I was excited and happy to create it for her. Using the iartview APP, he sent me an image of their blank wall. I could see the surrounding colours and was able to determine the optimal painting size as well. We tried a variety of subjects on the wall, using the APP. She had decided on the waterfall and I was glad she did, as it is a favorite subject. I used a reference I had taken while at the falls in Jasper, many years ago, When it was completed, I hung the image on the virtual wall, using  the APP, and emailed it. So pleased to hear how much they loved it.

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